Our personally developed technique was created for those with fine hair. We wanted to create something that was ultimately invisible, but still strong enough all while protecting the natural hair, after many trials, error and perseverance the Invisiweft was born! 

The Invisiweft uses small silicone lined microbeads & is positioned in a way that grows with the natural hair, there is no pulling, tension or damage. This technique also allows for seamless ponytails & High buns. 

All of our pricing includes
- Hand tied Hair extensions
-Installation of the Invisiweft
-Cut to blend

20" (100 grams
Best for fine hair, or those only looking to add minimal length
20" (150 Grams)
Best for medium/thick hair, or those looking to add maximum length
20" (200 Grams)
Thicc. AF. All the length & All the thickness Basically for those who want to be Beyonce.